Original Dodger return begins with ‘Millionaire’ featuring P Money, Davinche & Daecolm

Joe Walker

1 year ago

By Joe Walker

od millionaire

The names Mark Hill and Pete Devereux might not ring a bell, but at the turn of the millennium they were known as Artful Dodger, crafting garage hits and a classic album in It’s All About The Stragglers. Soon though, in bizarre, Sugababes-esque circumstances, they are no longer able to perform or make music as Artful Dodger having no rights to the name, but they have finally returned with a new name, Original Dodger.

A comeback album, Soundtrack, is coming this year featuring the likes of Nadia Rose, Donae’o, Shakka, Big Narstie, Avelino and President T, and the first single is here. ‘Millionaire’ is a nostalgic co-production with Davinche, with Daecolm on the hook and P Money taking centre stage to talk making a lucrative career from music.

Millionaire is out now