Photographer Discovers Lost B.I.G Photography 20 Years Later

Unseen photos of Biggie just months before the release of Ready To Die have been discovered by New York Photographer looking to open B.I.G Exhibition...

Ben Fawcett

3 years ago

By Ben Fawcett

Photographer David Mcintyre recently discovered a treasure trove of unreleased and original photos of the legend Biggie Smalls dated over 20 years ago.

The New York-based photographer who captured the Notorious B.I.G, aka Biggie Smalls, for an iconic Interview Magazine feature in 1994 says the rest of the shoot’s negatives just turned up.

“Twenty-one years later, I find them in the most surprising of places — in the inside pocket of a jacket that was heading for Goodwill,”

According to the photographer, these never-before-seen pics of Biggie were shot in the summer of 1994, just a few months before the release of Ready to Die.

David MCintyre has stated that him allowing the unreleased photos to become publicly available via social mdi a would be a disservice to the memory of one of if not the greatest rapper of all time. The photographer has since launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the $28,000 needed to “mount a Notorious B.I.G. gallery show that will be open and free to the public.”