Premiere: North London rapper Akheim Allen opens up about this pivotal stage in his life on ‘SIR’

Denzil Bell

6 months ago

By Denzil Bell

After dropping the explosive alt-rap tracks ‘Wavs Dnt Die’ and ‘Memo’ this time last year, Edmonton rapper Akheim Allen makes his triumphant return with ‘SIR’.

Armed with a full bodied beat, embezzled in punchy 808s (courtesy of o12), the production serves as a pristine plateau for Akheim Allen to exercise his lyrical dexterity, speaking on hustling back to back and aiming to achieve his goals by any means necessary.

Akheim Allen tells RWD: “I like to write real and honest music, in the hopes of connecting with people that have been through similar situations that I have been through. With ‘SIR’, I wanted to show my supporters where I’m at and where I aim to go, so when O12 sent me the beat, I thought it was the perfect canvas to open up about this important stage in my life and share my growing pains with listeners.”

Press play on ‘SIR’ below and keep an eye out for the visuals coming soon.

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz