Premiere: South London songstress Donalee gifts us with double single ‘Voicemail/+1’

Denzil Bell

4 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Jamaican born, South London songstress, Donalee, has just gifted us with the double single ‘Voicemail/+1’.

Both song’s come cuffing season ready, seeing Donalee reflecting over past relationships, utilising her sweet-sounding voice over laid-back productions. Speaking on the track, Donalee says, “I was on the tube reflecting on a few things when the lyrics for ‘Voicemail’ came to be. It started with a phrase and grew into 3 minutes of me singing about a situation I didn’t have the guts to be honest about.”

Similarly, for ‘+1’, featuring rapper, ZekeUltra, said the song is “a sweet and mellow love tune. The track put my mind in a good place like some sort of love vacation. Donalee pushed those feelings to the next level.”

Press play on the duo release below and stay locked into Donalee’s journey!

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz