PUMA Bring The Past To The Future With evoKNIT and Leather PUMA One Boot

Tego Sigel

1 year ago

By Tego Sigel


With football boots increasingly taking performance product into distant future lands of development theory, PUMA have kept one foot in the past and the previously established success of performance footwear with their new speed focused boot- the PUMA ONE.


Merging an evoKNIT sock, with an ultra lightweight Pebax outsole and a soft leather upper, PUMA have created a boot that offers the player an elite focus on fit, fast and feel. Set to be worn by the likes of Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Aguero and Hector Bellerin, the PUMA One was developed through academy players feeding back that the key elements required in a boot could be broken down into those important elements.


The new PUMA One is available to buy from 29 June and is being worn in the Under 21 European Championships and the Confederations Cup.