The Run Dem Crew Youngers worked with RWD to produce a special edition bootlet chronicling their incredible journey.

6 years ago

By Teg

What running has brought into my life is difficult for me to put into words. But since I first strapped on my trainers five years ago a circle of motivated and creative individuals inspired me to start the Run Dem Crew Project. You learn a lot about yourself in the project and it’s an experience that I’m determined to share with as many young people as possible.

As a poet and musician who works in education, I meet an incredible amount of young people with dreams but few opportunities to make them real. The running is the least important part of what we do but by training for a distance we believe the lessons learned are invaluable. This is not just another youth project but a long-term relationship building a community of young people who run, play and work together. Runners of today and CEO’s of the future.

By teaming up with RWD for this supplement we hope to reach and spread the RDCYoungers message to an even greater audience. Since starting the project three months ago the RDCYoungers have been to a movie premiere, on fashion shoots and in studio sessions. It’s been incredible to witness the change both physically and mentally amongst the group and I look forward to seeing them blossom in their creative endeavors over the years to come.

But for now the miles have been run, the training has been done and all that’s left is for the Youngers to line up on the start line of the British 10K and ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’.
Charlie Dark
Run Dem Crew Founder
@daddydark / @rundemcrew