Reebok Classic release short film featuring Jesse James Solomon & Radar Radio

Joe Walker

1 year ago

By Joe Walker

Following the recent launch event featuring Tonga Balloon Gang, Reebok Classic have released a short film online by the name of This Is Classic, filmed by Antony Crook and with London rapper Jesse James Solomon narrating with a self-penned nod to the brand.

This Is Classic features clips of the capital and a Radar Radio grime set featuring the likes of RD, Mr X, GHSTLY XXVII, Kwam, Reece West, Lady Shocker, Capo LeeJon E Clayface, C Cane, Ten Dixon, Coco and Big John. We’ll let you know where to find audio from the set when it emerges, but in the meantime there are some photos, taken by the legendary Ewen Spencer, and the latest in Reebok Classic’s Vector range seen below…