8 years ago

By Teg

Briony Gaffer hit #adidasunderground to check out the premiere screening of Joey Garland’s A Love Letter For You last night.

Take note Ryan Gosling, building a house for your good woman is not longer enough. We now want you to build it, decorate it, furnish it, and then spray paint all over it with letters of love. A labour of love? We think so.

Between sipping chilli and coconut mojitos, the special few who blagged access to adidas’s secret hideout, were shown a series of shorts on artists and curators from the cutting edge of contemporary art world, including Futura, Retna and Aaron Rose, whetting their appetite for the main event.

The capitals tattooed talent, taking a break from the Olympic onslaught, were then treated to the premiere screening of Joey Garland’s A Love letter For You. The film documents the notorious graffiti legend, Stephen “ESPO” Powers as he makes the pilgrimage back to his old stomping ground in The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, to paint a collection of murals on 50 rooftops along the market. ESPO, “Exterior Surface Painting Outreach”, stated his main concern – getting ‘some words from the community on to the walls’, blurring the boundaries between legal and illegal. The film also saw the story of initially unrequited love returned, causing unconventional outbursts of sentimentality and hidden love among an audience of 300 strong.

In a lesson of what women really want, Powers provides a truly inspiring tale; proving street art’s potential to uplift a community whilst contributing to the early stages of muralism.

Words by Briony Gaffer