Rising Manchester artist Abnormal Sleepz releases ‘Textures’ featuring HMD

Denzil Bell

4 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Rising Manchester artist, Abnormal Sleepz, has just released the cinematic visuals for ‘Textures’, featuring frequent collaborator HMD.

The soul flecked jazzy rap track shows the two artists portraying old-school gangsters, with HMD being fully involved in the lifestyle, whereas Abnormal Sleepz fights within himself whether to go down the criminal route or stay on a more positive path. Speaking on the song, Abnormal Sleepz says “Textures is a representation of feelings and thoughts which highlights the struggle of coming from the underground, working hard to make the dream work whilst avoiding trouble, the roads and balancing relationship issues. As independent musicians we simply have no time to be idle. No time to dwell and be distracted by things that don’t matter, and in turn we express all this through music, chanting ‘Yeah yeah yeah’ because funnily enough it makes you feel good. Music is a universal language that connects everyone and this track does this because one way or another you can relate regardless of what profession you have.”

“The video has a theme based on the wind rush era where you had lots of people come over to the UK from the Caribbean. The video illustrates exactly what I talk about above. I lose my job, lose my way and struggle between doing illegal activities to survive, my wife, and staying on the straight & narrow. This all comes down to choices and consequences knowing there’s always positive to a negative & one way or another things will fix themselves.”

Watch the video directed by Karl John, Stephen Otosio & Abnormal Sleepz¬†above and look forward to Sleepz’ debut album Kaleidoscope which is out September 6.

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz