Royal Flush DVD – Hi Breed – Mean Ft. Kiki Minaj

Hi Breed hooks up with Kiki Minaj for new single Breed...

Three Point

7 years ago

By Three Point

Hi Breed is a rapper and producer based in London, UK.

He is also part of the music group The Meds Collective who have released a debut album Heartbreaks & Remedies and have performed their songs in twelve different cities in the UK. They have also released Music Videos for the songs To The Wire, Tonite and Standing Tall which can all be watched on YouTube.

Furthermore he has been featured on the track Never Unhappy by Chrishawna, and is working with The Gate and Frhetoric on a new mixtape and then album.

His next release is a Music Video for the track Mean which was accomplished courtesy of Trad TKO Boxing Gym and Royal Flush DVD, best way to describe the track is in these famous three words…‘Girls, Girls, Girls’…well, more like one word said three times

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