8 years ago

By Teg

Mercy’s Mum? Stella Price? Toadie? Ine? Who will win?



In the midst of movie Award Season, Danny Walker took to the streets of London to hand out RWD’s Street Oscars to some of the most deserving [read: willing to talk to him], members of the public, but can they get their acceptance speeches done before the music plays?


And fighting for this year’s most closely contested award, Worst English Accent are Mercy’s Mum [Eastenders], Stella Price [Coronation Street], Toadie aka Toadfish aka What The Hell Are You Still Doing There? [Neighbours] and Ine [Random girl we just met] and the winner is…. Ine! The underdog! Who’d have thought it? Please, a round of applause for Ine…

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