We got 17 year-old Bristol-based B-Boy Sunni Brummitt to test the Pioneer STEEZ and talk about the upcoming B-Boy Championships...

6 years ago

By Teg

11:47am. Waterloo Station, south London. Mid-Air, Spin and former b-boy champion Mouse stand alongside event organisers Rob and Hooch around the Pioneer STEEZ. Taking it in turns to show each other their breaking skills as they wait for the arrival of their fellow Soul Maverick and one of the hottest prospects on the UK b-boy scene, 17 year-old, Bristol-based Sunni Brummitt.

As the youngster emerges from the entrance of one of London’s oldest stations, the b-boys bump fists and embrace the former Got To Dance finalist.

Starting off as an individual, Sunni explains how he met the rest of the guys, “I needed more, and the Soul Mavericks gave me more. At every competition I went to, they’d be there teaching me. Then they asked me to come to train with them and it all kinda happened naturally.”

With fists bumped, Rob reveals the reason Sunni has made the trip from the west of England – The Pioneer STEEZ, the sponsors of this year’s b-boy Championship World Final. “It looks pretty fresh, innit,” he remarks as he lifts up the beat boosting tech savvy unit and we all find a spot to put the STEEZ and Sunni to the test. “I could definitely see us using this (to train with) in the future,” he adds, sizing up the stylish piece of kit. “It’s a good look that Pioneer are backing the b-boy scene.”

As Sunni and the other dancers dump their bags on the famous floors of South Bank and start limbering up, a crowd forms around the barriers on the bridge above, the public looking on in anticipation as they showcase some new techniques whilst the STEEZ pumps out some hip hop tunes.

After doing his thing for the crowd, the Bristol b-boy wonder pauses to express his first impressions on the latest addition to the crew? “Yeah, being able to change the tempo will be good for battling. Cue points will be really useful, too, for when we’re training new routines and the hard drive is dope! It’s a great all-around device for b-boying” the one to watch expresses. Along with the auto DJ mixes, the new portable Pioneer device is pretty much a b-boy’s best friend.

With onlookers more than impressed with what they’ve just witnessed, the boys finish up, pull on their sweatshirts, and pick up the STEEZ before they head outside. Whilst the rest of the crew head to lunch it appears they’ll be no peri-peri chicken for Sunni, he’s got a train to catch. As he finishes saying his goodbyes to the rest of the Soul Mavericks, he turns to Rob, STEEZ still in hand, “I can actually take it home?” He laughs in disbelief.

For more info on the Pioneer STEEZ head to The 2012 B-Boy Championship World Finals take place on October 14 at the O2 Academy, Brixton. Check