RWDmix 020 // Neffa-T

Grant Brydon

1 year ago

By Grant Brydon


Bournemouth don Neffa-T has been perfecting the craft of playing dynamic sets that surprise audiences with the use of a third turntable, and puts this on show via our 20th RWDmix.

Packed with unreleased music and some of his personal favourites, the best way to get to know the Reprezent Radio DJ – his taste, foundations and skills – is through this mix.

Listen below, and scroll down to read our interview with Neffa-T in which he breaks down the advantages of the third deck, his motives as a DJ and production work…

What should people expect to hear from this mix?

A combination of unreleased music from some of my favourite artists, alongside a selection of all time personals spanning across Grime and Dubstep. I wanted this mix to present my sound, history and technical ability as a DJ, so a focus was placed on showcasing a range of different mixing styles I have formulated and built upon over the years.

You recorded it using three turntables, at what point in your career did you decide to start adding an extra turntable to your mixes?

I started toying with three / four decks about six years ago. When I played at clubs that had an extra CDJ, I’d use it as an opportunity to start learning. From here I built up my knowledge and ability to a point where recently, I decided to start taking a third CDJ to my bookings, that way I can always ensure whoever I’m playing to will get the best live set I can do!

What does having that extra turntable allow you to bring to mixes like this one?

I think a big part of using three decks is catching listeners by surprise, not only keeping a mix interesting, but also offering a better level of response by potentially succeeding the listener’s expectations. Another important factor is being able to quickly change musical direction and style. For example, in this mix at 09:29 – 10:11, I’m able to tease in a grime track amongst a section of the mix that predominantly covers a deeper selection of dubstep / 140.

How would you describe your goal as a DJ? What motivates you to do it?

On the surface, I have a goal to push myself as far as I can in terms of technical ability. However, another side is being hard on myself. I’ve spent years practicing to meet my own standards. One day I’d like to get the opportunity to record a mix for the FabricLive series.

From a wider perspective another factor is to actively contribute to the scenes I’m part of, every individual involved in music represents their genres of choice.

Most importantly, I like to DJ because it’s a means of showcasing music I love in my own creative way.

Does your work as a producer influence what you do as a DJ, and vice versa?

I think both sides to being an artist influence each other accordingly. I always make a concerted effort to build tracks with a range of subtle variations, which in turn not only follows suit with my DJ style, but allows me to mix tracks in a particular manner. This being said, I was Djing for about five years before I picked up production.

What should we expect to hear from you in the coming months, both as a producer and DJ?

I’m currently working on a EP for one of my favourite record labels, alongside several remixes for some of my favourite producers. There’s been a lot of background work, but it will surface soon!

Looking to whats coming next as a DJ; more mixes, more radio / sets and some new projects involving MCs and other DJs.

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