RWDmix 023 // Benteki

Grant Brydon

2 years ago

By Grant Brydon

Our latest RWDmix comes from Benteki, who serves up a 140bpm journey through Grime, UKG, Bass and Funky House with a showcase of the diversity of styles that share the tempo.

Listen below and scroll down to read our interview with Benteki…

How would you describe your style of DJing?

My style of DJing is a fusion of Grime, UKG, Bass and Funky House. Anything between 130bpm and 140bpm and I’m there. 

When did you fall in love with DJing?

I fell in love with DJing just before university, during my gap year I stayed here in London and went out a lot and started to create a network within music. Going to different club nights and becoming addicted to finding new dubs on SoundCloud was essential during this year, whilst putting many hours in practising my mixing and selections. 

What inspired you to take it from a hobby to a career?

I was inspired to take DJing from a hobby to career when I joined Reprezent Radio, and saw loads of other talented people doing really well and making a name for themselves. I felt inspired and wanted to have my slice of the cake as well. 

Tell us about this mix; how did you go about putting it together?

This is a weird journey of 140 Grime records. I wanted to keep it hype and have dubplates in there, but I also wanted to showcase a slower, darker sound of grime which is slowly growing on me. I needed exclusive records that people wouldn’t have heard on my radio show, so it was about contacting the right people.

What do you want it to say about you?

I wanted the mix to say that my knowledge of 140 grime music is diverse and not just bait vocals with a bait instrumentals. I wanted to show a different side to me, therefore putting in the darker Dubstep sounding records, which really resonate with me and blending them with the more upbeat hyper records.

What should listeners expect from your Reprezent Radio show?

Listeners should expect a range of Grime, UKG, Funky House and UK Bass on my Reprezent Radio show. I didn’t want to just be another Grime DJ, I wanted to do something different and try blend these genres into one 2 hour jam-packed show. All these genres have been influenced by each other, so they therefore work hand in hand. 

Where can we catch a Benteki DJ set in the coming months?

DJ set in the next coming months, playing at a night called ‘Can’t Win Don’t Try’ at Five Miles in Tottenham on the 31st October, also playing Manga’s ‘Outburst From The Outskirts’ night at Birthdays on the 5th November. Hopefully more to come after that, that’s all I can announce at the moment!