Saint P and Reece West exchange war dubs, Ets gets involved too

Joe Walker

3 years ago

By Joe Walker

Rude Kid’s KISS Grime Christmas special saw a lyrical war reignite between Reece West and YGG’s Saint P, with the former bringing bars a year after the latter clashed him at KISS in a dispute of who first coined the ‘Bounce!‘ bar that each have forms of. It was unlikely that this would mark the end of things, and so it proved as the MCs got in the festive mood and penned war dubs.

Saint sent for Reece first with ‘Camel Face’ (above), with strays for Grim Sickers and Yizzy, who may well respond themselves soon. Reece fought back with ‘Facts’, with some extra points for the creative mobile-friendly video. Reece’s send also included a bar or two for MTP member Ets, who penned a dub of his own entitled ‘The Real Facts’. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them!