South African artist Sipho The Gift shows his journey from a ‘BOY’ to a man in new visual

Denzil Bell

7 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Fully representing the struggle of many black youth, South African rapper, Sipho The Gift, has shown us his journey from a ‘BOY’ to a man in his new visual.

As many of us go through during our teenage years, we struggle to find the right path with all the peer pressures dangled around us and Sipho The Gift encapsulated this battle in his latest track perfectly. Speaking more on this, Sipho The Gift says, “as a kid, I grew up without a father at home. I had many influences pulling me in different directions, but very few positive male influences in my life. I had to make tough choices about the kind of man I wanted to become amid all these challenges. Which voice would I listen to? Who would I choose to be?”.

Watch the story unfold with theĀ Emilie Badenhorst directed video above and get to know Sipho The Gift.

Words by Denzil BellĀ @akadiddz