Specs Gonzales Goes After Zinedine Zidane’s Jeans & Birmingham City Fans To Give Them Ls

Specs saw a flying fish in Ghost In The Shell and he needs to discuss it...


2 years ago


Specs Gonzalez has the highest success rate of handing out Ls in the whole of football and you don’t get that kind of success without taking a few risks. Looking at the world of football this week you might think handing an L to the man who won the last three Champions Leagues and who just beat the biggest club in the world to bending to his will might be strange, but when you zoom in on Zinedine Zidane‘s jeans, you know he’s earned it.

Specs also gets into the Birmingham City fans who keep trying to fight Aston Villa players, the North London team who have packed their bags to move into a new house, but might have to hand in their European passport to get there and Ghost In The Shell, the Scarlett Johnsson film that he saw for the first time this week.