Stevo The Madman Is Out For Revenge Against Craig Mitch In The Return of the Take a Bow Trials

Tego Sigel

1 year ago

By Tego Sigel


The Take a Bow Trials are back and fresh from Stevo The Madman‘s humbling at the hands of Craig Mitch, the West Ham fan is out for revenge. Wearing the new adidas Turbocharge boots, the boys go Back To Back with the turn and finish in the first of three trials.

The Take a Bow Trials are back and following Craig Mitch’s 2-1 win in the first series, the boys are lacing up in the new adidas Turbocharge ACE17.1 and X16.1 as Stevo The Madman seeks revenge. In the first challenge Back To Back, the boys test their first touches and their football knowledge.