Stevo The Madman Struggles Under The Pressure of Being Ahead In Second Take a Bow Trials Vs Craig Mitch

Tego Sigel

1 year ago

By Tego Sigel


Stevo The Madman took a strong lead over Craig Mitch in the first of the Take a Bow Trials, but Craig is nothing if not persistent and going into the second round it wasn’t clear how Stevo would cope with the Spurs fan at his heels.

Testing out the brand new Nike Hypervenom III, Stevo The Madman and Craig Mitch head into round two of their brand new series Take a Bow Trials with the Shuttle Run Crossbar Challenge. testing fitness, focus, technique and bottle, the second of three trials to be undertaken with the brand new Nike boot, the aim of the game was to hit the crossbar as many times as they could in two minutes after doing a quick shuttle run-up.