Stormzy talks Australia tour and record labels to Julie on Beats 1

Here's what Stiff Chocolato had to say when he stopped by the show...

Joe Walker

4 years ago

By Joe Walker

Last week saw Stormzy visit Julie Adenuga‘s London show on Beats 1 radio, still riding high from his top 20 chart success with a freestyle. While it was the artist’s first visit to the show since it began, he had been involved with the show previously by way of providing jingles for the show before it was announced, when even he didn’t know what it was for. Stopping by for around 15 minutes or so worth of chat, we not only heard that Stormzy is still busy working on “the thing” but also heard about how his tour of Australia went and, having been put on the spot by Julie, what he’d be looking for from a record deal. Here’s a few key quotes.

Stormzy on his rise…
I feel so blessed. I feel like you can’t ever take it for granted because there’s so much (sic) people who would want to be in this position, or who have been in this position and are no longer in this position, I’m just grateful and I thank God every time I’m here and that things are happening for me. To be in the position is very fortunate.

On his recent Australia tour…
Australia is amazing, I feel so bad for undermining it. I thought ‘ok let’s just go and do these shows, I don’t know what’s gonna happen,’ but I go there and the venues weren’t small venues. We’re talking like 7-800 capacity venues, sold out and the people knew all the words! They knew all the words to #WickedSkengman4, the old stuff, everything. I’m looking at the crowd thinking ‘how do you know this stuff?!’. There was joy but there was also that suspicion!¬†When I went to Iceland, I thought I was being Punk’d, because they’re going nuts and I’m like ‘they don’t know me, this ain’t real!’

On what it would take to sign with a label…
They would have to offer me facilities that I feel can take me to where I want to be, and right now I feel like I can do that by myself. I mean, they can facilitate what I’m doing or they can project it to where I wanna be, and right now I feel like, especially after #WickedSkengman4 charting, with the help of my supporters and a bit more growth and a lot more hard work and progress, I may be able to do that by myself however I always do say I don’t rule out something. If I sign, it will be right and it’ll be cool. If I don’t, it’ll still be right and cool.

Listen to the full interview here. Julie is on Beats 1 weekdays from 8pm GMT.