Tell Supply & Demand Which Benny Banks Song You Want To See a Video For

Tego Sigel

7 years ago

By Tego Sigel


Since exploding into stores last summer, JD’s streetwear brand Supply & Demand has made a heavy association with emerging music artists a matter of priority. Following a successful launch of music events in Manchester and London featuring local talent as voted for by fans, the brand is back in 2014 with its biggest campaign to date!

Sticking to the mantra, ‘you demand it, we supply it’ Supply & Demand are offering fans the opportunity to shape the careers of five highly regarded British artists by deciding which of their songs most deserves to have a music video produced.

Benny Banks is offering I Won’t Come Back and See Me Now for the vote.

“You’ve got to put a song and a video together and make them into a movie. If the video isn’t on point, you cant really produce a movie out of a song.” – Benny Banks

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