6 years ago

By Teg

There is a chance that Apple are launching something other than the iPhone 5 next week, but we’re not entertaining that thought.



We were just complaining yesterday afternoon that Apple were taking their sweet cheeks time with the announcement of the iPhone 5 and as if by magic [stop bugging our iPads Apple] we’ve got a September 12 unveil date for their latest product. Will their latest product be the iPhone 5? Or ‘The New iPhone‘? Or might it be the rumoured iPad Mini? Maybe it will be a total non-announcement of some cloud business that we appreciate while silently resenting as it doesn’t make our Apps any fancier or faster.

We’re refusing to believe it’s anything other than the iPhone 5 though. It’s the iPhone 5. Look at the invitation. It’s got a five on it. Those teases.

So, without a moment’s hesitation, we’re calling September 12 iPhone 5 day.