Tonga Balloon Gang (Murkage Dave, Mike Skinner, Oscar #worldpeace, Gaika, Klepto, DJ Smith) to release EP, and here is lead single ‘Make No Scene’

Joe Walker

4 years ago

By Joe Walker

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RWD readers will know by now of Tonga, Mike Skinner & Murkage Dave‘s club night that within a year or so has expanded to festival shows across Europe this year. Now, they are introducing us to the Tonga Balloon Gang, a group consisting of those two plus Oscar #worldpeace, Gaika, DJ Smith & Klepto, and the collective has announced a three-track EP to arrive this month. Here is the first preview of the project in ‘Make No Scene’, a single that sees Dave on vocals alongside Oscar and guest Jammer, one of two on the EP (the other being Big Narstie).

Tonga Balloon Gang is released 14 November [Pre-order]. Read our interview with Mike & Dave from earlier this year.