Vibbar release debut project ‘San Junipero’ filled with soulful hip-hop vibes

Denzil Bell

10 months ago

By Denzil Bell

For the last couple of years, Vibbar have been crafting their own unique space with their soulful hip-hop vibes, taking after their name which means vibe in Swedish.

Made up of Poet, Jordy, Skits and Skribz, the group have recently come together to release their debut project, San Junipero, which took one year to create and takes reference from a Black Mirror episode with the same name.

The tape is executively produced by TJ of The Confect & Poet and includes previously released tracks ‘Bellerin’, as well as an extended version of ‘Nine Night’, whilst the features on the project are Maxi Millz, Morgan Munroe and Poet’s twin sons Zion and Khalifa.

Speaking on the tape, Poet says ” San Junipero sums up Vibbar completely. Two souls had to go to another world in order to appreciate each other for what it was they had. I feel people locking into Vibbar have to go somewhere they’ve never been before to appreciate this project. Whether it’s a drive for 27 mins. Whether your sitting down in your drum just chilling. Mediation. Find a unique way of taking in the project so yourself and the project go on a journey. It will be well worth it.”

Press play on San Junipero below and immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of Vibbar.

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz