Virgil Hawkins raps about his progression in distorted trap thumper ‘Bummy’

Denzil Bell

4 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Following appearing on Lorenzorsv’s debut single ‘Vibes’ featuring Lava La Rue recently, Virgil Hawkins has dropped ‘Bummy’.

The beat crafted by Manny Dubbs slaps harder than an African aunty and Virgil Hawkins rides it with distorted vocals, rapping: ” A year ago I was living so bummy, feelings I kept them all in my tummy, now they get chummy, they used to make fun, all of these rappers my sons, this ain’t a flex, I am your mum.”

Check out the wacky visuals shot by Plebz up above and watch out for Virgil Hawkin’s track ‘Creature of the Night’ out tomorrow.

Words by Denzil BellĀ @akadiddz