Westside Gunn & DOOM share first collaborative single ‘Gorilla Monsoon’

Grant Brydon

10 months ago

By Grant Brydon

Buffalo rapper Westside Gunn recently teased collaborations with DOOM under the WESTSIDEDOOM, and now we’ve got a first taste of the music with new single ‘Gorilla Monsoon’, produced by regular collaborator Daringer.

While their may not necessarily be an album on the way, it turns out there is another Alchemist-produced single in the stash.

“I’ve always made references before about meeting MF DOOM, even on Twitter. He’s just one of those mysterious dudes and that’s what I like about him the most. Not everyone out there is able to touch DOOM because he’s not out there like that,” Westside Gunn told HypeBeast. “I reached out to him and the dots just connected. The two songs we have, those are art pieces to me. With this WESTSIDEDOOM shit, I honestly feel from what I did and what he did on those two songs with Alchemist and Daringer, nigg*s is in trouble and the whole world is about to understand what I’m saying.”

Listen to ‘Gorilla Monsoon’ below…